YouTube Video Process Post: Making A Miniature Button-Down Shirt

Here is the video shot this week and just as I promised last week, I successfully integrated video overlay into it in Adobe Premiere Pro!

For this video, I shot it differently than the others, showing the making of the miniature shirt in a succession of pictures and I really like the outcome. I’ve done this before but that project because it was 2D it didn’t require a camera to shoot it, it’s flat and can just as well be seen using a scanner. What brought me to using still images here in my 3D work was wanting to get more details, and more close up. I noticed in my previous YouTube videos I wasn’t getting as close up as I’d like to, and I don’t think it’s much fun for you guys if all you can see is my hands moving but can’t see what I’m sewing. Right now, I shoot on an Ipad Mini, don’t have a tripod, so I prop it up on things in my room to get a steady recording and as close as I can. But, it’s not close enough. At least not this much which is my goal:
The artist is Jeannie Phan whose work I also really enjoy. Especially these sculptures. I hope she sculpts more.

Because my video is mostly pictures, I thought I’d only post the video, write a few things and that would be the end of this post. But, for those who want to really look, below are some stills.

Miniature Button Down Shirt Jardley Jean-Louis

Miniature Button Down Shirt Jardley Jean-Louis

Miniature Button Down Shirt Jardley Jean-Louis

While making it it looked to me like it had the color scheme of Tim Burton clothes in his films. Anyway, I’ve still got some improvements to make in my sewing skills, but I’ve made a button-down shirt and that’s great to me.

Happy Saturday.

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