YouTube Video Process Post: How to NOT Make a Miniature T-Shirt

Alright, today I bring you a T-shirt.


miniature t-shirt

Before coming up with this miniature shirt, I was having a difficult time figuring out what I wanted to create and record next. I had a few ideas but that struggle was only the half of it. How do I also make my YouTube videos entertaining enough for people to enjoy and subscribe to? Are my videos right now entertaining people? Right now I have very little comments or likes on YouTube to determine from and so that and my prone to being hard on myself it goes for an ineffective combination. I thought the idea of just creating a white T-shirt hilarious because of how basic that is, but thought it would have to be recorded creatively for it to be funny to the viewers as well and I started to stress about that. I decided not to go with the white T-shirt idea though because with a white backdrop viewers wouldn’t be able to see anything. But, I still wanted to do a shirt no matter how unexciting that may be.

miniature t-Shirt
Above is the inside layer of the shirt.

miniature t-shirt

And the outside layer. It looks really dirty doesn’t it? I could imagine it as the shirt of a mechanic or something. It’s finger smudge.

miniature T-shirt

It’s my first time sewing a t-shirt and I had a few errors in this one like stitch showing in parts I hadn’t meant for it to and one sleeve being bigger than the other. But, by the end, I’m now itching to start creating puppets using armature for them to wear these clothes! I really want to create puppets but I want to create more objects and especially clothes before taking on puppets. I don’t think it’s a case of walking before I crawl like it tends to be with me but maybe a smidgen so here.

Here’s “the unmaking of” it below. I used Xander’s Time Reversal program to do this. An excellent and simple program.

As you can tell the final in the video is different from the blog’s final. I created and recorded until 5:30 a.m and was way too tired to spruce it up to my liking which I did today in time for this post. Here it is again:


Editing this video was frustrating because I couldn’t figure out how to do video overlay at the end and have yet to find out. My purpose was to give viewers a sample of my previous YouTube videos which they could click over to instead of just clicking text that had link annotations. After finding out I couldn’t do this in Windows Movie Maker, I downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro because apparently video overlay can be done in it and while I believe that, I personally couldn’t find out how to do it simply. I imagined it wouldn’t take any time at all and that wasn’t what happened. The day was almost ending and I was already way past the set time I wanted to post the video to YouTube so I worked with what I had. I’m determined to learn how to do video overlay by the next video so if in the meantime anyone can point me to how to do so in premiere pro, that’d be a relief!

Happy Saturday.

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