Upcoming Exhibition at the Box Heart Gallery

Hey guys, haven’t been writing here for awhile but haven’t been drawing for awhile so don’t worry about missing out on much. I will be more persistent in updating. Here’s one now which I’ve been meaning to post.

From January 8-February 12, I along with a few other artists, will be exhibiting work at the Box Heart Gallery. The public reception will be this Sunday, January 12, from 5-8pm at 4523 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, PA so if you’re anywhere near the area please come and see the artwork in person. If you can’t you can easily see it on my site. It’s a very big deal to me because as you may remember, I wrote in the post on “Style” that I previously sent work to the Box Heart Gallery years ago that was rejected. It’s incredible.

Happy Wednesday


And here’s a video of the work in the gallery that the Box Heart Gallery created!

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