Peculiar Bliss Issue 8

I sort of forgot that maybe it’d be a good idea to post that some of my pieces are in the current issue of Peculiar Bliss.

If you’re wondering why the second piece looks like it’s in a different medium than my usual stuff, it’s cause I didn’t anticipate the paper I was using to not be water-proof. So my attempt at watercoloring in the first stages of this piece were not so hot. I attempted to salvage the piece with colored pencil and pen. I quite like how the piece came out. I don’t think I’ll have the main material be colored pencil again but I like this final. I just fear a grainy, no clearly defined lines in the piece when using colored pencil or crayons so this was a pretty new experience for me. I loved the drawing of this piece before I finished it with color so much, so I felt I had to continue after the watercolor disaster.

Silver Glass Lights Drawing by Jardley Jean-Louis
Pink Sand Drawing by Jardley Jean-Louis

If you’re up for it, Peculiar Bliss is already working on their next issue with the theme being “Ritual”, so submit. I’m thinking I may try my hand at it too.

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