New YouTube Channel!

I’ve created a new YouTube Channel. There I’ll be recording and posting videos of sculptures as I learn how to sculpt. I’m not sure if to call them sculptures, puppet-making, or miniature making but, I’d really love to know what exactly they call the pieces and sets created for stop-motion animation films since it seems to be a variation of all these terms. I wanted to really put work for myself in my art and learning this material is one of the goals that is important to me. I’ll also be posting drawings as I learn to love that again the way I did as a child with no set concept and criteria I had to live up to. No symbolism or metaphors in a piece. Just drawing for the pleasure of it.
Last week I uploaded my first video:

This first one was freehand and is exactly the time of thing I draw when I’m not looking at references and just have pen and paper in front of me. Below is the outcome.


Happy Sunday.

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