My First Stop Motion Animation! Part 2

I only figured out now the true title of this post is: My First Stop Motion Animation! Part 2- The Body & The Cat, and to also title Part 1 its own title but then this would’ve been too long.

As the title(s) say, this mini-series is about creating my First Stop Motion Animation. View Part 1 to start from the beginning.

When I got around to the body, I was still tossing around ideas, but nothing concrete. Or rather, the ones I thought about I didn’t really like. But, one of them had him wearing a suit, and when I didn’t like that story, but loved the suit, I still tried to keep it and use it in others.

My attitude of “Go With The Flow On This Stopmo” intervened, so I tried not to focus on feeling I had to connect to the story. So, I started on the suit.

StopMo Puppet Fabrication Jardley Jean-Louis 2

StopMo puppet fabrication Jardley Jean-Louis
(What you’re looking at are the arms and legs)

When I got to class I found out why.

I didn’t know the dept. had armature wire and more clay colors than I had and that’s what was waiting for me when I got there!

Puppet Armature Jardley Jean-Louis 3

Unfortunately, I don’t have any actual images of the armature I created, but know this: Creating it was so surreal for me because I wanted to do it for so long and this project just fell into my lap.

While I did the armature in class, and figured that for any story I came up with, he should have a cat. I can’t remember why.

Puppet Armature Jardley Jean-Louis (2)
Puppet Armature Jardley Jean-Louis

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