Labor Arts Competition

I’ve been meaning to post this update that happened to me. Back in April I won the Cuny Labor Arts Competition in the Visual Arts category which was a huge and gratifying surprise! In the beginning I kept thinking that it wasn’t real. The ceremony itself where I received my award and met many respected people was amazing and I really enjoyed myself.

The Labor Arts Competitions theme stated “Entries should relate to labor arts—visual art about work and workers, and art by working people.” so I based my piece around a person who was most relevant to me: My mother, a government Certified Nurse Aide. Working for the government typically is long hours and a tight salary so all the material I would need including my own experience living with her was already available to me.

Look There by Jardley Jean-Louis
Look There by Jardley Jean-Louis

You can see my mother and I on the front page and be sure to check out the statement I wrote to accompany the piece by clicking on my name on the left under the Visual Arts category on the front page.

Happy Saturday.

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