Illustration of the Future and Les Twins.

So I’m thinking of re-entering Illustrators of the Future again this year. It’s basically an all year round contest that’s been around since forever and I entered last year but didn’t make it through. I’ve attached the ones I sent below so check them out, criticize me on why it didn’t go through. Doesn’t matter. I’m gonna see if I do this time though because that’d be amazing.

The first two I specifically created for the contest and the last one I created as a submission for the School of Visual Arts magazine: The Visual Opinion back when I attended. It didn’t get into the magazine either.

Anyhow, so I stumbled upon these dancers via tumblr and they have not been out of my mind for the past three days. They are called Les Twins. If you have the time, those 8 mins will be the best action you’re getting. No I’m kidding. But, they’re really good though. And through them I found out about the songs Ants by edIT and Whatever Happens by Michael Jackson. Two gems. I don’t know how else to gush.

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