Finished Piece: This Painting is more than a restaurant.

Okay, for those just tuning in or keeping tabs, here is the finished piece I was talking to you about about a month ago. , I go into more detail about the meaning behind the piece here. I actually finished it yesterday but since I have a small scanner and no camera it took a bit of time and frustration getting it together since it’s fairly large. About 14”x17”. And next to my scanner, that’s a bit giant.

Who by Jardley Jean-Louis

As I said previously, I did go mixed media on this. I used colored pencil, watercolors, diluted acrylic and pen and ink. I’m happy with the result.

However, like I’m sure most artists out there, the images you have in your head sometimes does not end up being replicated, at least not exactly. This happens 9 times out of 10 for me. It’s a little saddening, and frustrating but that doesn’t mean I don’t end up enjoying the outcome. But, I’d like for me to experience what I see in my head on paper at least once. They’re always close but so far away at the same time. (Carole King was singing that bit in my head just as I was writing that) So! If that’s ever happened to any of you where your work measured up to exactly what was in your head, link me to some of your pieces, or film, or photographs.

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