New Finished Painting: Two Runners with the backdrop of a city.

Alrighty then, so I’ve finally finished this today. And I’m saying this with exhausting and relief. I was not anticipating it taking this long, and I think because of that I end up feeling not so keen on this piece. Was not expecting it to turn out like this either. Not sure if I like it so much, I have no nay or yay feelings really. I wish I adamantly liked it though since I ended up being so close to it for a few days but, it might be because I’ve had to drag on with finishing it, and started feeling like I took some wrong turns here and there? I don’t know but here it is. I especially like the shorts but so far no real feelings toward the whole of the piece. I’ve looked at it from different angles and go from “yeah this is pretty good, to hmm”
Done with diluted acrylic, watercolor and my trusty ballpoint pen.

Song played on repeat during last days of this.

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