Art in Amelia’s Magazine- The Bad Shepherds Interview

Snapshot from the interview
Snapshot from the interview

I’ve got a new piece in Amelia’s Magazine for their interview with the band The Bad Shepherds.

It’s been a while since I’ve created work for Amelia’s Magazine, but after listening to some of their music, drawing for The Bad Shepherds was a great return. Go read the interview if you haven’t.

Here’s a song Amelia Gregory of Amelia’s Magazine included which inspired me:

It’s such a great song. I’ve had it on repeat since first listen. The instruments really made it for me and gave a really woodsy, nature feel which along with their name I wanted to pay homage to in the art piece.

Here’s a much larger image of my work than the one in the interview:

The Bad Shepherds- Jardley Jean-Louis

The next post will show the in between stages of this piece just like I try to do with each of the pieces I’ve created so don’t worry.

Happy Saturday.

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