Hey guys,

Sorry on the lack of updates, I’ve sort of turned my attention toward updating on my tumblr which I never thought I’d morph into that artist. Using tumblr as my blog I mean.
I encourage you to read my stuff there as I try to figure out the direction I’m taking in this blog. That’s mainly the reason I’ve not been consistent here.
I think what’ll stay is the Exhibition Hopping. I want to get back into that. Spring is coming soon so I’m much less resilient to going outside.

Check back soon but not too soon. Again, look for everything on my tumblr for now.

In Light Grey Art Lab‘s own words: The theme of the postcards is about YOU. Something personal and something LOCAL – something that reflects an idea that is important to you, an image of your environment or your culture. It could be what’s in your closet, or a glimpse into your favorite place to relax. Think of your surroundings and the environments, people and places that make your world special.

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bannerJardleytumblr Created a Tumblr/Redesigned Website

For those who don’t know, I’ve created a tumblr. So scratch that off the list

It’s called Junkie Express. Click the above image to get to it. I’ll explain the title later. It’s pretty bare bones right now but I’ll keep updating it.

And I’ve redesigned my main website. No new pieces except one.

Remember this? Well, here’s the sneak peek of my postcard for it!

LightGreyPostcards Jardley 1 SNEAK PEEK ///6 Degrees Light Grey Art Lab

Check back for the Process post soon!

So for my History of Animation class, I had to create a short animation of my choice. I spent all of this weekend completing it. Which also means no Exhibition Hopping this week.

Happy Sunday

I apologize for last week’s Exhibition Hopping post being up only just now. At the core of it, when I want to write something that’s a mental exercise, and about how I feel, I tend to have a harder time getting it written.

Posts like You Won’t Always Have This: On Hayao Miyazaki’s Retirement, eatsleepdraw feature and thoughts on an “Art Style” and writings about both the cereal box animation, and the Many Men 2D animation (both of which are yet to be written and published) have suffered the same fate.

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I only figured out now the true title of this post is: My First Stop Motion Animation! Part 2- The Body & The Cat, and to also title Part 1 its own title but then this would’ve been too long.

As the title(s) say, this mini-series is about creating my First Stop Motion Animation. View Part 1 to start from the beginning.

When I got around to the body, I was still tossing around ideas, but nothing concrete. Or rather, the ones I thought about I didn’t really like. More »

Welcome to Part 1 of my 4 Part Stop Motion Animation blog post series!

I usually don’t post the work that I do at school here, I maintain this blog for personal or professional projects. But because the project we recently completed is basically one large aspect I want to do ever since realizing over a year ago that I didn’t in fact want to be a freelance illustrator, I want to share with you this experience.

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It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!:

FIRST WEEK’S POST!!! FIRST WEEK’S POST!!! FIRST WEEK’S POST about my first week gallery hopping that I never wrote!

It’s now the fifth week in my new life of weekly exhibition hopping and like one half of a couple on The Devotion Project stated about her relationship, “The desire to do it is so much greater than the challenge of doing it”, so I’m not struggling to get up and go anymore. I worry with most things to state so definite and straight how I feel because I’m weary that that will change in the future but today looking back on my journey to now, knowing that I’ll be going to a gallery either later today or definitely tomorrow, and that this is something that’s just a part of my schedule every week, no hemming and hawing, it isn’t a struggle to get up and go. It’s just, just go.

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-Freelance gigs
-How to visit both my friends in Toronto and Florida in one winter break, PLUS travel with my mom.
-Competition pieces I have to finish (and start)
-An animation to do for my animation studies class.
-What to do for Light Grey Art’s Exhibition
-How much projects I can do this weekend
-Again with the creating the Tumblr!
-How to sort/schedule posts I have to release (Look out for the one on my first stop-mo ani!)
-Completing both my Crowded Line Drawing Behind the Scenes post and my BRIC part II post. (Yes there is a part II!)

What about you?

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